Real Estate Contracts

WARNING! Before You Do ANY Real Estate Deals...


For Canadian Real Estate Investors ONLY...

Real Estate Contracts

From: Aiden Win

Dear Aspiring Real Estate Investor,

If you are looking for a standard real estate contract...

Then I recommend that you go to your local notary public and you can get one fairly cheap.

Maybe even for free.

In that case, you don't really need to read my letter because what I have is not for you.

But if you are a aspiring real estate investor, then what I'm about to share with you may save AND/OR make you thousands of times your money and save you a lot of valuable time too.

Let me explain.

"How You Can Add $11,000 To Your Profits Today..."

You've probably heard it before...


There’s no substitute.

I’ve made a fortune investing in real estate for many years.

However, I shudder as I think about how much cash I left on the table simply because I wasn’t using forms & contracts that were crafted specifically for Canadian real estate investors and creative deal-making.

Consider this…

Does Tiger Woods golf with cheap golf clubs bought from a local convenience store?

Does Mario Andretti race with a second-hand "economy" car?

Does Michael Jordan play basketball with no-name sneakers from Chinatown?

If they did, people would laugh at them because it's COMPLETELY riduculous!

If you are just 1% as serious about succeeding as any one of those highly successful individuals, then don't you think you MUST be armed with a professional set of tools as well?

I sure hope so!

So you have a few choices:

Choice #1 - You could spend 7 or more years to get the experience necessary to know what kind of contracts you need.

Choice #2- Then you could spend as much as $11,000 to hire lawyers to draft all of the right contracts.

Or choice #3 - You can steal my 7+ years of experience and USE IT AS YOUR OWN with tools that I and my associates have pre-tested, proven and refined over time!

If you are serious about running a successful real estate business, then I hope you see that Choice #3 is the best choice for you... BY FAR!!

So let's get down to the important details.

"But Wait! First Let Me Show You That I'm The Real Deal..."

And remember, I'm not trying to impress you. But I'm trying to impress upon you of what you can achieve for yourself.

Deal #1

Real Estate ContractsReal Estate Contracts

Real Estate ContractsReal Estate Contracts

Here's one of my first deals... a 4200 square foot executive home in the Fraser Heights area in Surrey that I did a while ago.

It had 20 foot ceilings, beautiful open kitchen, huge front and back yards and a jacuzzi tub! I'm not supposed to be emotionally attached to a house, but this one's very nice.

Regrettably, I had to let go of this beauty and make a $86,260.12 profit. That took 57 days.

Deal #2

Real Estate Contracts

Not the prettiest house, but hey, I don't plan to live in it, so who cares? The owners were very desperate to sell, they had serious tenant problems.

I never bought this house. I "sold the deal" to another investor who bought it.

I made a $27,589.25 profit in 8 days with absolutely no money invested!

Deal #3

Real Estate ContractsReal Estate Contracts

Real Estate ContractsReal Estate Contracts

This one I actually bought and was my home for a while. The top 2 pics are the "before" pics. Notice the yellow walls and green carpet *yuck*. Luckily, my fiance at the time was an interior designer. Check out the bottom "after" pics... not bad eh? You wouldn't be able to guess how much the renovations were... less than $3000!

And because the seller's were highly motivated and I got such a good deal on this condo, I was able to make $55,833.90 profit when I let go of it 4 months later.

That's right I do deals like the ones above over and over... and of course, I use special contracts that I have refined over that years that have allowed me to make money like clockwork.

"Steal All Of My Best-Guarded Secret Tools Of The Trade"

I want to give you a rare chance to get my personal toolkit of professional real estate investing contracts - "The Quick Start Contracts Kit Professional" for an introductory price of only $578 $197 (Save 70%!).

This package contains my complete personal arsenal of 22+ essential contracts, forms and agreements to maximize your profit from the deals that you will be doing and give you the absolute protection you need.

  Contract / Form
Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #1 Residential Purchase Option Contract
The lease option contract you’ll wanna use when buying property on a lease option. This is one doc you won’t want to mess up. But don’t worry about how to fill it out. One of my bonuses has you covered on that!

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #2 Lease And Option Agreement With Owner
A variation of the residential purchase option contract.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #3 Residential Lease With Option With Tenant (Tenant Buyer Option Agreement)
There are some deals when you’ll want to allow a rent-to-buy option. This is the document you’ll use.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #4 Rent To Own Leads Sheet
A handy form to keep track of your rent-to-own prospect leads


Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #5 Letter of Intent to Purchase Real Estate
To get your foot in the door without sometimes scaring the seller with a full contract, use this.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #6 Letter of Agreement and Addendum
A good form to use for general agreements.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #7 Authorization To Release Information
A simple release the seller signs allowing certain institutions to release loan information. But it’s subject to certain deals.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #8 Purchase and Sale Contract (Buying)
This is one document you’ll use a lot! The Pro Investor/Buyer agreement for properties in at least 4 categories.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #9 Property Acquisition Sheet
A good checklist to use when interviewing sellers.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #10 Standard Listing Cancellation Agreement
Get out of your listing contract with this form that real estate agents don't want you to know about.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #11 Subject Removal Form
Used to properly remove your subjects.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #12 Assignment of Contract
There’ll be times when you’ll be ready to cash out of an investment for one of those ‘big paydays.’ And you’ll use this to sell your interest to another investor.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #13 Promissory Note (Basic)
Basic loan agreement.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #14 Promissory Note (Full)
A more advanced loan agreement.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #15 Non-Disclosure Agreement
Very important if you plan to have long term success.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #16 Joint Venture Agreement
A "Must Have" if you plan to be doing any joint venture. This can save you from costly arguments and protect your interests in a deal.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #17 Rental Application
I use this to quickly weed out all potentially hazardous tenants.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #18 Residential Lease Agreement (Basic)
Rental agreement used with all your tenant buyers.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #19 Residential Lease Agreement (Full)
A more in depth rental agreement used with all your tenant buyers.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #20 Garage Lease Agreement
Most people forget about this contract when renting out their garage.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #21 Shared Utility Agreement
Cost saving agreement regarding utilities.

Real Estate ContractsPro-Tool #22 Residential Inspection Report
Very useful when doing your pre-liminary home inspections or even a full inspection.


"Here's What You Are Getting..."

Real Estate Contracts You’re getting 22+ professionally written real estate investment forms, agreements & contracts. They’re exclusively tailored for you…a serious investor in Canada.

Real Estate Contracts You’re getting them at a fraction of the cost in terms of money, time, headaches, and frustrating experience. Remember, you can pay over $11,000 to have these prepared for you.

Real Estate Contracts Your forms, agreements & contracts come with my built-in tips, tactics, and strategies designed for maximum protection and profits.

Real Estate Contracts Possessing this set of professional tools unleashes you to focus on finding the best deals and bringing in positive cash flow right away.

Real Estate Contracts You will side-step the critical, but often overlooked landmines that hamstring profits for 90% of unlucky investors. Don’t be like them!

Real Estate Contracts You’ll possess a ready-made marketing plan designed for real estate investors. Your chances of reaching motivated sellers and buyers will instantly increase.

Real Estate Contracts You can get everything in the Quick Start Contracts Kit Professional in just a few minutes. Download them right away & get going!

It will cost you over $11,000 if you hired a lawyer to draft these professional tools.

And this powerful package is not available anywhere else for any price!!

And remember, after this introductory offer ends, you won't be able to get this incredible offer again!

$578 $349 $297

ONLY $197 (Save 70%!!)

Real Estate Contracts


"What Else Am I Getting? You Ask..."

Real Estate Contracts You put as much cash in your pocket as possible from every deal. That’s what they’re designed to do. These forms, agreements & contracts are optimized for real estate investing & creative deal structures.

Real Estate Contracts You save over $11,000 instantly… because that’s how much you will have to pay an attorney to draft all these contracts. They’re what I use every single day. And they’re available to you right now!

Real Estate Contracts One less thing for you to worry about. Hit the ground running…ready for cash-generating action as soon as you order!

Real Estate Contracts You can concentrate on what makes you the most money. In case you don't know what that is, it's looking for the best cash cow deals! Not wasting your valuable time on fooling around looking for or trying to craft the perfect contracts yourself.

Real Estate Contracts You will have peace of mind that these are the same forms, agreements & contracts I use to earn me millions.

Real Estate Contracts You can use them with ease. Can you fill in the blanks and push the print button? That’s how easy they are to use. No worries about technical stuff!

Real Estate Contracts Buyers and sellers will take you more seriously when they see your documents. And be more likely to do business with you again and provide referrals (more money in your pocket!)

"Act FAST! And You'll Get These 10 Awesome Bonuses For No Additional Charge!"

  Bonus Tool
Real Estate ContractsBonus #1 Addendum Clauses (Pro Buyer)
Very powerful clauses to add to your contracts to get you the best possible deal as buyer.

Real Estate ContractsBonus #2

Addendum Clauses (Pro Buyer2)
More powerful clauses to add to your contracts to get you the best possible deal as buyer.

Real Estate ContractsBonus #3 Addendum to Amend the Contract
Used to change anything on an existing contract.

Real Estate ContractsBonus #4 Comparable Properties Worksheet
Used to quickly analyze deals.

Real Estate ContractsBonus #5 Confidentiality Agreement
Your hard earned deal can fall apart if someone says something they're not supposed to. Shut them up with this!

Real Estate ContractsBonus #6 Cost-Saving Clauses
Very powerful clauses to add to your contracts to save you expenses. It all adds up over time... so this is very valuable.

Real Estate ContractsBonus #7 Independant Contractor & Confidentiality Agreement
Don't get screwed by shady contractors! Use this form.

Real Estate ContractsBonus #8 Independant Contractor Agreement - Schedule A
Add this for further protection with contractors.

Real Estate ContractsBonus #9 Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist
A systematic checklist to make sure you've got everything covered before you commit.

Bonus #10 Type of Expense Sheet
A handy form that lists every possible expense that can occur in your real estate deal! Now you can know your costs down to the penny before the fact.



$578 + $320 = $898 $349 $297

ONLY $197!

Remember, this is a one-time offer, I will be increasing the price to $349 soon...which is what I should really be charging. So if you decide you want to get this later, you will have to pay more.


Also, you are getting a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on this package too. That means if you are not satisfied with this power packed contracts kit for any reason, you will receive a prompt and courteous refund - no questions asked!

And you even get to keep all the materials!!

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by downloading your course today!

I am the one at risk!


100% Better Than Risk-Free, Money-Back 60-Day Guarantee

And You Can Try it all out for free if you choose to.  That's because everything is covered by my unconditional, no-hassle, no fine print 60-Day IRON CLAD, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE . So the RISK IS ON ME! You can only gain!


So you have nothing to lose by securing your Quick Start Contracts Kit Pro today!

Real Estate Contracts
Delivered in 2 formats:

Real Estate Contracts
Real Estate Contracts
.PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
.DOC (Microsoft Word)

Real Estate Contracts

To Your Success!

-Aiden Win
"Mr. Foreclosure"

"Are You Ready To Maximize Your Real Estate Profits With Your Bullet-Proof Contracts Kit?"

YES, AIDEN! I want to claim my Quick Start Contracts Kit Professional and put my real estate business into high gear!

I understand that..

Once my transaction is successfully processed, Tthe Quick Start Contracts Kit Professional and bonus materials will be delivered to my email inbox.

I will be receiving $320 value in bonuses #1-10.

Nothing on this site is legal advice nor do you offer any legal advice.

The price I will be paying today for this entire package is just $349 $297 $197 (Introductory Offer... Better Hurry!)

I am free to examine everything for a full 60 days and if I’m not completely satisfied, I will receive a full refund of the purchase price – with no squabbles and no questions asked. I don’t even need to give a reason! And I even get to keep all the materials!

Quick Start Contracts Kit Professional
Real Estate Contracts

*Limited Time Offer - Only $197!*
Click Here To Secure Your Quick Start Contracts Kit ProfessionalToday!

Real Estate Contracts
Real Estate Contracts
Real Estate Contracts

P.S. The Quick Start Contracts Kit Pro is truly versatile and powerful. I still use them in every real estate deal that I do. I feel secure knowing that I have put together the clauses that give me the best profits, best terms and best protection in every transaction. Now you can benefit from it too!

P.P.S. You really have nothing to lose. You are entitled to a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee! And you even get to keep all the materials. So really, I am taking a big risk here. Why? Because I am SO confident that you are getting more than your money's worth AND A LOT MORE when you purchase my package.


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Real Estate Contracts

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